MIPLC DAAD 2022 Scholarship in Germany | Fully funded

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The MIPLC DAAD 2022 Scholarship in Germany is part of the DAAD scholarship program for “Development Related Postgraduate Courses”. However, this part of the DAAD deals specifically with Intellectual Property LLM. DAAD offers fully funded scholarships to students from developing countries to continue their postgraduate degrees in Europe in intellectual property while becoming part of the legal community at the Munich Center for Intellectual Property Law. Therefore, students who have an outstanding academic record and a series of achievements are always welcome to be a part of this community that has the ability to influence global dynamics.

MIPLC provides students with a unique learning experience. Students have the opportunity to study in an environment where everyone is highly focused on intellectual property and competition law. At MIPILC students have classmates from all over the world and the MIPLC scholarship makes it possible for students from the developing world who, without this financial aid, would not be able to come to Europe for higher studies. Students have the opportunity to interact with the best lawyers and professors. Most of the time, the person who teaches students is the same person who wrote the essay, article, or book being taught.

MIPLC is jointly managed and operated by the best institutes in Europe and America, namely the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, the Technical University of Munich, the University of Augsburg and the Washington University church in Washington DC More interesting still , MIPLC not only has lawyers but also students from various backgrounds from natural sciences, humanities or engineering to study intellectual property law. Intellectual property issues are part of all fields, be it law, science, technology, business or the arts. Therefore, the MIPLC and DAAD scholarship program produces highly influential decision makers by giving them a proper insight into the use of property rights, i.e. copyright, patent rights, trademarks and trade secrets, etc.


Importantly, the MIPLC Scholarship for International Students 2022 is a fee assistance that is a partial fee waiver, however the DAAD MIPLC scholarship provides a full fee waiver along with other financial assistance. Fortunately, students can apply for both MIPLC financial assistance and the DAAD scholarship. Therefore, students who are enthusiastic about the knowledge of intellectual property rights should not miss the opportunity to become members of the MIPLC family. MIPLC has a large network of alumni working in highly prestigious positions around the world. Furthermore, the international academics of the MIPLC DAAD enter a network where they can share different ideas and communicate about innovation and can affect the functioning of the public and private sectors.




MIPLC DAAD 2022 Scholarship:

Host country:


Host center:

Munich Intellectual Property Law Center

MIPLC LLM 2022 Scholarship Benefits:

  • The scholarship covers full tuition at MIPLC.
  • Students will receive a monthly stipend of 850 euros.
  • Students will receive health, accident and liability insurance during their stay in Germany.
  • In the event that students do not receive funds to travel from their home country or from any other grant, DAAD will cover the cost of the student’s travel.
  • Students will receive scholarships and additional grants for study and research.
  • Students will complete a compulsory German course at no cost.


MIPLC DAAD 2022 Scholarship Eligibility Criteria?

  • The applicant must be from a developing country.
  • Applicants must not live outside their home countries for more than the last two years.
  • Applicant must have a four-year bachelor’s degree.
  • In case the applicant’s bachelor’s degree is 3 years, they must have another one-year degree to complete the required 4-year bachelor’s credit hours, or the professional experience can be adjusted as credit hours.
  • Applicants’ title should not be completed more than six years prior to the application date.
  • Applicants must have two years of recent professional experience in their relevant fields.
  • Students who do not have their bachelor’s degree in law-related fields can also apply, however, they must justify the reason for remaining IPLLM in their personal letter.
  • The student must also meet the MIPLC admission eligibility criteria in addition to the DAAD scholarship program eligibility criteria.
  • The candidate must be fluent in English.

Candidates must separately apply for admission to MIPLC and 

How to apply for the MIPLC DAAD scholarship, Germany?

  • DAAD scholarship online.
  • The candidate must pay the MIPLC application fee of 50 EUR.
  • Candidates must complete the online application form.
  • The application must be completed in one sitting, so candidates must have all the required data ready before starting the application.
  • Once your application is completed and submitted to MIPLC, it will be converted into a PDF application form.
  • Download the PDF and then submit a signed copy of your application.
  • At the end of the application form, you will be asked about DAAD funding and fee waiver assistance, check the DAAD assistance box and the application will be submitted for the financial assistance application form.
  • Please complete this financial assistance form in the same application session as there is no option to save or re-edit the application.
  • Provide a charred copy of all statements of help.
  • After successfully applying for admission and financial assistance from MIPLC, apply for the DAAD Scholarship for a certain form.

Documents Required for MIPLC DAAD Scholarship 2022:

Application periods and deadlines:

Advacne Application: You can apply in advance for the next academic year from June 1 to October 15.

MIPLC Admission Scholarship and Fee Waiver: From December 1 to April 30

Daad scholarship application: June 1 to October 15.




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