Scotland Pakistan Scholarship 2021-22 | Fully Sponsored | BS / MS / PHD

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Scotland Pakistan 2021-22 Scholarship is a unique opportunity for talented and motivated women who want to pursue their Bachelor’s, Master’s or Master’s degrees. This fully paid course seeks to make higher education more accessible to women. Scotland Scholarship also helps talented young women to realize their full potential. In addition, the sole purpose of this course is to financially empower female students and encourage them to pursue higher education. In this way, women’s education focuses on promoting equality and providing the best education for today’s women.

Through this Pakistani Student Scholarship, approximately 500+ women have successfully received higher education and can join the active world related to any field of life. In addition, successful women who have grown up and excelled in their education, as well as in their professional careers, have become a source of encouragement to other people. In addition to sponsoring bachelor’s, master’s, and MPhil degrees, the program offers many opportunities for participants, including leadership training and development programs. The Scotland Scholarship is designed to help women achieve their goals.

A fully paid bursary is an opportunity for women from rural, disadvantaged and poor areas to come and study at those universities where they can continue their higher education without this program of study. Also, women with disabilities and a few students are highly valued and encouraged to apply for this course.

The Scottish Government Scholarship aims to increase the level of education in countries such as Pakistan. It is true that the progress, development and growth of Pakistan is not possible without the education of women. That is why the Scotland Scholarship for Pakistani Women is a bright place towards a better future in Pakistan. It provides an opportunity for Pakistani women to further their studies in the field of their interests. There is no doubt that this bursary has the potential to make a difference in the level of education for women in Pakistan. The following article is a complete guide to benefits and a qualifying process. In addition, the application process for this course is described in detail in the following sections.


Scotland Pakistan Scholarship 2021-22:

Established by:

  • Scottish Government

Course level:

  • top degree
  • top degree
  • MPhil

Bachelor student subject areas:

  • Education
  • Strength of resilience
  • Food and agricultural security
  • Health Science

Master’s / MPhil student places:

  • Education
  • Strength of resilience
  • Food and agricultural security
  • Health Science

Qualifications for Scotland Pakistan Scholarship 2021-22:

  • The nominee must be a citizen of Pakistan.
  • The chosen one must live in Pakistan
  • The nominee must have a guaranteed entry / entry at a public university in Pakistan known to the HEC.
  • Applicants are eligible to apply for this course once they have enrolled in 4’s Bachelor’s or Master’s or MPhil’s program and need funding to complete their degree.
  • The applicant must register at one of the appropriate fields at any accredited HEC university.
  • If a registered person has been out of school for more than a year, he or she does not qualify for a bursary.
  • Only female applicants can apply for this course.
  • Young women with disabilities are encouraged to apply, as well as women from remote areas and / or small groups.
  • For more information visit the Scotland Pakistan Scholarship FAQs Master’s 2021-22, Scotland Pakistan Scholarship FAQs-General 2021-22, and the Scotland Pakistan Scholarship FAQs-Bachelor’s 2021-22


Benefits of Scotland Pakistan Scholarship 2021-22:

  • Full lessons will be covered.
  • University hostel cases (where applicable)
  • Students living on campus will receive the cost of traveling from home to college twice a year.

Documents Required for Scotland Scholarship 2021-22:

  • Application form.
  • College literacy rate.
  • Recorded copy of CNIC (Applicant).
  • Certified copy of CNIC. (Father).
  • Recorded copy.
  • Proof of admission to Bachelor, Master or MPhil.
  • Parent / caregiver fund or pension strike or any other proof of employment.
  • Cash structure.

How to apply for a Scottish Pakistan Scholarship 2021-22?

  • The application must be submitted online to the official website of the British Council.
  • Click the Apply button below to proceed with the online scholarship application.
  • Please fill in all required fields correctly.
  • If you have any questions, contact or call the toll-free number 0800-22000.

Last Date Of Apply:

The deadline to apply for the Scotland Pakistan Scholarship 2021-22 is 15 September 2021.



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